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Used by DJ's and partygoers from all over the world. 🌎

Sort your favorite playlist, or quickly whip up one for your current setting.

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A fully fledged Spotify add-on! 🧠

Did you know that for the perfect party, the BPM of the music has to slowly increase over time? SongSliders lets you do this in a simple way, with a bunch more features.

Find Your Perfect Playlist 🎶

SongSliders is mostly based around playlists. It offers four unique ways of generating playlists. It also has over 10 different metrics on which you can sort and tune every playlist.

  • 🔀 Sort Playlists

    Have your favorite playlist already, but want it sorted on BPM, popularity, happiness, danceability or something else? Then SongSliders is perfect for you!

  • ✨ Generate Playlists

    You know that artist, song or playlist that you love? Maybe just in a specific mood? Throw it into SongSliders and it will give you 50 songs perfect for your setting!

  • 💾 Save directly to your Spotify

    Found a playlist that your like? Sorted it on the specific metric you want? You can save it directly to your Spotify.

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Extra Features 👀

SongSliders has a lot more than just playing with generated playlists. It features track information, loading your existing playlists, automating tasks and much more!

  • 🔥 Get Track Information

    Have a track that you like, but wonder how high the tempo, how energetic, or what it's key/pitch is? Maybe just check how much vocals a song has? SongSliders also has you covered in that area!

  • 📅 Auto Save Discover Weekly

    SongSliders also comes with small neat features like this. A simple toggle that will automatically save your Discover Weekly in a folder under your Spotify account.

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